Kristin Orvis

VP, Commercial Collections

Mrs. Kristin Orvis is the Vice President of Commercial Collections at Orion First Financial, LLC. Kristin is tasked with asset management and with the remarketing of such assets on behalf of clients. She possesses extensive knowledge in areas of repossession and equipment valuation.

Kristin first began her career in the consumer collection industry and operated in several different capacities relating to automotive loans. She quickly became a Senior Collector with a prominent automotive lender and then proceeded to become a Regional Collections Manager for a national title loan company. Prior to joining Orion, she also worked for a national recovery agency which further deepened her repossession and asset location skillset.

Kristin now leads an impressive team of commercial collectors and is a critical leader within the greater Portfolio Management team.

She resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and enjoys tackling a multitude of DIY home projects while spending time with her family and pets.