Transforming CDFI Lending with Comprehensive Loan Servicing

Orion First, the leading provider of commercial loan and lease servicing for small business lenders, offers specialized products that empower Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

Our portfolio management technology is backed by skilled customer service teams and managed by experienced professionals. We’ll help you improve efficiency, scalability, and customer satisfaction – all without the distraction and cost of building an in-house team.

Advantages of Partnering with Orion

Cost Efficiency

Servicing with Orion First frees up resources, enabling you to focus on your core mission.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from our deep understanding of the commercial loan industry, regulatory environment, and loan management best practices.

Improved Loan Performance

Enhanced risk management and borrower communication may lead to better loan performance and lower default rates.

Key Benefits of Partnership


Our platform adjusts to the growing needs of your CDFI, enabling you to manage an expanding small business loan portfolio without additional resources.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction with industry leading communication tools and customer portal, promoting positive relationships and repeat borrowers.

Default Management

Mitigate your risk of default through our borrower-friendly solutions and default management strategies.

Compliance Assurance

With ever-changing regulatory landscapes, we provide tools and reports that help you stay in compliance with industry standards.

Portfolio Analytics

Access clear and actionable data on your portfolio’s performance with our insightful and comprehensive analytics.

Technology Integration

Integration with your existing systems, ensuring smooth operations without unnecessary disruptions.

Orion First believes in the transformative power of CDFIs.

As your partner, we’re committed to providing the support and tools necessary for your success. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the communities you serve.

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