Other providers offer little more than space on a hard drive. Which makes sense…if you never have to use them for primary servicing. The problem is, one day you may have to.

Backup servicing from Orion gives you the confidence of a premier full-scope servicer with more than $5bn under primary management, who can take on your servicing needs at a moment’s notice.

Orion First’s backup servicing provides experienced oversight, diligent management, and precise accounting, all implemented as a seamless process. We’re here every step of the way to provide you with the answers, insight and protection.

Key Benefits of Partnership

Complete Primary Servicing Capabilities

We offer high primary servicing concentration and provide comprehensive primary servicing capabilities.

Real-Time Warm-to-Hot Transition Experience

Benefit from our experience in executing a seamless transitions in real time.

Minimal Ramp-Up Time

Virtually no delay when you need to switch to backup servicing.

Commercial Collections Expertise

Benefit from our extensive expertise in commercial collections.

Unique Focus on Small Business Financing

We have a unique advantage in the industry with a dedicated focus on small business financing.

Customizable Options

Tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs, whether it’s cold, warm, or hot servicing, customized reporting, or more.

Protect your portfolio with Backup Servicing from Orion First.

Operate with a premier full-scope servicer ready to take on your servicing needs at a moment’s notice.

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