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Orion's Insight: Elevating Banks in the Equipment Finance Arena

In the nuanced world of equipment finance, banks and financial institutions have distinct needs that differentiate them from other small business lenders. Orion First brings insightful acumen to the table, ensuring that by partnering with your bank, we not only meet these unique requirements but also unlock new opportunities in this growing market.

Advantages of Partnering with Orion

Compliance Assurance

Operate with confidence, knowing that Orion First aligns seamlessly with your bank's regulatory requirements, providing certainty in a dynamic financial environment

Tailored Reporting Solutions

In the intricate landscape of banking, timely and accurate reporting is paramount. Orion understands your reporting needs, offering access to comprehensive data and reports that provide a holistic view of your lending activity

Efficient Risk Mitigation

Portfolio performance is our priority. From routine reminders to workouts on serious delinquencies, Orion's custom systems and real-time contract data ensure a vigilant approach to risk mitigation, leaving no aspect of collections unexplored.

Key Benefits of Partnership

Enhanced Portfolio Insight

Orion's reporting goes beyond the basics, offering timely and accurate insights crucial in diversifying origination sources and navigating complex reporting scenarios within the banking environment.

Proactive Risk Management

With a focus on portfolio performance, Orion's comprehensive services empower banks to stay ahead, ensuring a proactive approach to risk management.

Collaborative Information Access

In today's structured banking landscape, multiple stakeholders require regular insights. Orion's online portal facilitates effective communication and collaboration, allowing various departments to access payment information and customer service comments, streamlining overall portfolio oversight.

Regulatory Compliance Confidence

Orion operates as an extension of your bank, adhering to best practices and ensuring compliance with regulatory policies, providing the confidence needed in today's evolving financial environment.

Transparent Communication Channels

Orion's online portal enables transparent and accessible communication, facilitating efficient collaboration and ensuring that Special Assets departments stay informed about collection and recovery efforts on specific contracts.

Efficient Collection Process

From past-due notices to workouts on serious delinquencies, Orion's custom systems and real-time contract data streamline the collection process, ensuring efficient and effective recovery efforts.

Navigating the banking landscape demands a specialized touch.

At Orion First, we understand the unique needs that banks and financial institutions bring to the table.

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