Industries Served / Banks & Financial Institutions


Banks and financial institutions require distinct needs when compared to other small business lenders. These needs surpass basic billing and payment processing. In today’s lending environment, banks must be certain that their business partners are in compliance with regulations mandated by financial institutions. Orion First provides this certainty by operating as your business. Additionally, we utilize best practices—keeping you ahead and clear of regulatory policies.


Simply put, by working with your bank, Orion First will provide more access to this growing market by offering:


Timely and accurate reporting is critical within the bank environment and as bank lenders diversify their origination sources and reporting gets more complex. By understanding your bank’s reporting needs, Orion provides data and reports that enable banks to get a comprehensive view of their lending activity.

 Risk Mitigation

Portfolio performance is at the heart of Orion’s servicing operations. We provide services at all phases of collections, from past due notices and routine reminder phone calls to workouts on the more serious delinquent accounts. We've built custom systems to manage the collection process. We stay ahead of the curve by receiving real time contract data, like delinquency status, payment history and other extensive account details. We leave no stone unturned..

 Access to Information

Today’s bank is structured with the checks and balances focused on deploying assets, minimizing losses and profitability. Several stakeholders with ranging responsibilities needs regular insight into the overall portfolio and specific contracts. For example, Special Assets departments need to stay informed of collection and recovery efforts on specific contracts. With Orion’s on-line portal, payment information and collector comments can be viewed by multiple individuals at your bank, enabling more effective communication and collaboration.