Delinquency Manager

Meet the New Delinquency Manager

Better data visualization means deeper insight.

The Delinquency Manager is a highly customizable dashboard that clarifies trends and meaningful factors affecting delinquency.

Simple and clear, it allows you to look at and filter data by state, originator, industry, and other criteria, so you can better understand what’s happening, and act swiftly and accurately on your insights.

Take Orion's Servicing a Step Further

  • Spend less time compiling data from multiple sources
  • Master quick trend analysis—minus the spreadsheets
  • Clearly explain and share insights with others
  • Easily create if then scenarios to see how different business decisions could impact portfolio performance


  • 24 months of automatically updated delinquency data
  • Reports are easily exported into .PPT and .PDF for easy sharing
  • Executive overview of portfolio health: trends in portfolio size, monthly delinquency, and summary of factors that have the biggest impact on delinquency
  • Interactive delinquency manager: compare performance across delinquency buckets and portfolio categories; slice or cross-filter by timeframe, origination source, industries, asset type, geography, or custom categories specific to your portfolio
  • Interactive roll rate analysis to develop delinquency expectations for the coming months: compare how different portfolio segments roll through delinquency buckets, slice or cross-filter the portfolio to compare performance amongst subsets
  • Customize your dashboard—or individual pages—with additional filters, such as risk rating, recourse, or categories unique to your business

Orion’s mission is to provide deeper insight, stronger portfolio results, and a highly satisfying borrower experience for small business lenders. Our new Delinquency Manager is designed to deliver actionable insights that make portfolio management easier and more effective.

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Orion is the smart choice as your partner in growth. We not only manage your portfolio efficiently but actively contribute to its evolution, ensuring that your lending journey is marked by sustained success and expansion.