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You can build your own portfolio management operation, but when your business is on the line, it pays to get help from good people who’ve done it a few times. Why? So you can best manage your risk and keep your focus on originations.

When choosing a solution for commercial loan and lease servicing, it’s important to look at both the breadth of services provided and the performance of those services.

Orion First offers the best servicing and support in the industry—collections included. Our software is state-of-the-art. Our people are experienced professionals. And frankly, our performance is unrivaled.


Contracts serviced by Orion pay faster, are less delinquent, and default less frequently. By including more services than competitors and providing real time reporting with our trailblazing client portal, you’ll be equipped with a compelling advantage.


A recent analysis reveals that Orion has had only one-tenth the delinquencies and paid twice as fast as our competition.*

Portfolio management is risk management

You don’t have to own your back office. As an extension of your operations, Orion’s private-label services simply work. That’s because we designed them that way. Our servicing structure increases profits, reduces workplace stress, and eases your customer’s experience. It’s a big claim, and the numbers don’t lie. Orion is your manager of risk.

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*Based on a PayNet dataset summary of 1,351 obligors (12/31/19). Orion subscribes and contributes to PayNet®, the leading provider of credit data on small businesses for commercial lenders. Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM) is a monthly dataset providing PayNet’s early detection and risk ranking on commercial customers. Month after month the data show that Orion is more effective than any other servicer at preventing past due accounts.