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Established lenders in commercial finance don’t always need a full-scope primary servicing partnership. You may be looking to diversify origination sources, and some originators want to maintain their customer relationships. You may be looking to develop a revenue stream from higher quality originators, who perform well and can deliver consistent volume over time. Or you may simply be looking to manage operational costs.

Master Servicing from Orion First frees more of your resources to deploying capital, while allowing your originators to continue working with their own customers.

With Master Servicing, Orion handles your cash accounting while you manage your own customer billing and receivables. It helps you access the best-performing and most consistent originators. As a result, it supports portfolio buying instead of underwriting individual businesses, helping you manage your growth and diversify your product offering.


Makes you more competitive in your portfolio purchasing.

Master Servicing lets you buy portfolio from a larger group of originators, and helps you stand out as a buyer by offering retained servicing for those who require it.

Better informs your pricing decisions.

Knowing the performance parameters of your originators lets you price accordingly. Master Servicing helps differentiate you from competitors by informing your pricing decisions at a level of detail others struggle with.

Gives you more control over growth.

Master Servicing gives you a level of control and transparency normally not available with retained servicing portfolio purchases:

  • Apples-to-apples monitoring and analysis: calibrate your entire portfolio’s analytics regardless of the servicing entity, so you can compare apples to apples. All sellers provide consistent data that then can be analyzed and compared against one another, and rolled up to a portfolio view.

  • Easier reconciliations and financial reporting with consolidated GL reporting for your entire portfolio. 

  • Lowers the servicing risk from smaller retained servicing portfolios—Orion can step in at a moment's notice to convert to primary servicing if needed.

  • Orion can provide a backstop should those sellers fail to perform their duties.


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