Orion offers Master Servicing solutions that empower portfolio investors to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

With Orion as your master servicer, the portfolios you acquire can retain their existing servicing, enabling your originators to maintain their customer relationships, while streamlining your cash accounting and reporting. This simultaneously lowers your management costs, increases your scalability, and makes you a more appealing buyer.

Advantages of Partnering with Orion

Efficient Accounting

Orion handles your cash accounting and collections, ensuring efficient financial operations.

Seamless Billing

Your customers' original servicers manage obligor billing and receivables.

Unified Operations

Even with multiple servicers, you deal with a single point of contact and reporting.

Key Benefits of Partnership

Increase Competitiveness

Master Servicing lets you buy portfolios from larger and more sophisticated originators, and helps you stand out as a buyer among those who require retained servicing or perfect pay arrangements.

Accounting Efficiency

Orion provides comprehensive reporting, streamlining your accounting processes.

Reduce Risk

Lowers the servicing risk from smaller retained servicing portfolios—Orion can step in at a moment’s notice to convert to primary servicing if needed.

Portfolio Analytics

Access clear and actionable data on your portfolio’s performance with our insightful and comprehensive analytics.

Cost Savings

Avoid the pain, cost, and time associated with transferring servicing. Master Servicing offers a hassle-free alternative.

Performance Management

Gain control and transparency not typically available with retained servicing portfolio purchases. Master Servicing allows you to monitor and manage performance effectively.

Elevate your portfolio investment strategy with Orion’s Master Servicing solutions.

Partner with us for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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