Son of CEO David T. Schaefer, Mikey Schaefer is a lifelong climber and world-famous visual storyteller, with photography featured in iconic publications including National Geographic Magazine, Alpinist, and Outside, as well as work in cinematography featured on 60 Minutes, Fox Searchlight and more.

His most recent contributions to Free Solo earned an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and continue to stun audiences around the world with a breathtaking showcase of the nearly unbelievable solo climbing feat.

Featuring Alex Honnold, world-renowned rock climber, and longtime friend of Schaefer, Free Solo exhibits his death-defying, 3200-foot free climb of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Summiting the massive granite face with no rope or harness seems outrageous to most, but Alex achieves his dream and masters the unthinkable, with Mikey and crew alongside to share his journey with the world.

The only way to capture the intense drama of Alex’s solo, ropeless ascent is to climb it yourself…and that’s exactly what co-director Jimmy Chin, Mikey Schaefer, and the photography/cinematography crew did. Secured with full climbing and camera gear, they can be seen suspended thousands of feet above the ground, even hanging far away from the rock face itself, in order to get the best shots and distract the climber as little as possible.

Beyond highlighting the hair-raising climb, the documentary gives an inside look into the mental and emotional struggles faced by the crew as they capture what could at any second become the final act in the life of a climbing legend and friend.  

Orion First is proud to feature photography from Mikey’s world travels across our website and  marketing collateral. The awesome work he produces continually inspires our organization and fuels our drive to help the small business community reach new heights.

Our sincerest congratulations go out to Mikey and the entire crew for such an incredible job capturing and sharing this potentially once in a lifetime accomplishment!

Mikey Schaefer is available for commercial and editorial assignments. Visit his website to view his portfolio and learn more. 

-Watch Free Solo, ad free, this Sunday on the National Geographic channel, 9pm (8pm Central)-