Venice, Italy—Founder and CEO of Orion First and Mintaka Financial,  and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Association (ELFA), David Schaefer will be a panelist at the 2018 European Leasing and Consumer Credit Industry Annual Convention in Venice, Italy.

Following the first session’s presentation, titled “Leasing in Europe and Beyond – State of Play and Outlook,” David Schaefer will sit on an interactive panel of industry leaders sharing their views on the state of the European leasing and automotive rental markets. As the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), David brings an American perspective to the conversation; providing insight into the current opportunities and challenges being tackled across the pond in the US finance and equipment leasing markets.   

“Similar to the US finance industry, overseas capital markets have seen exciting innovation from disrupters like FinTech, blockchain technologies and much more-making an international meeting of the minds such as this a very valuable opportunity at this time,” said David Schaefer. “I am honored to be on the panel at this year’s annual convention to share my experience and help unite the US and international capital markets while preparing them for upcoming change.”

Taking place October 4-5, the Annual Convention will host over 400 executive and board level participants from leasing, automotive rental and consumer credit communities across  Europe and beyond. Held at the Hilton Molino Stucky, the Annual Convention provides the opportunity for leaders across these financial markets to network, and uncover new methods of improving and guiding their industries.

Additional topics covered at the convention include analyzing industry trends, optimizing leasing operations, dealing with non performing loans (NPLs), increasing access to affordable capital, efficiently managing the cost of risk, and facing the current challenges to prepare for tomorrow.

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