Tony Sedlacek joins Orion First as Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management
August 4, 2016
2016 ELFA Recap
November 15, 2016


A Quick Recap of SBLF 2016

Featured speaker Glenn Hiemstra, founder and CEO of, gave an eye-opening presentation on creating the future you desire. Using examples of societal and economic changes, Glenn demonstrated the value of planning and shaping your future, today, rather than simply reacting to the changes of the present. He followed up by providing insights into how those of us operating within the business lending market space can create our desired future by investigating socio-economic trends. Here are just a few of his observations:


  • Senior citizens are working later in life
  • Minority business is on the rise with a large, young population
  • Today’s youth are excited about business, but won’t invest as heavily in traditional brick and mortar


The discussion on Technology for Small Business Lenders went over well, with Paul Marcoe of Orion First, Kristian Dolan of Tamarack Consulting, and Steve Darsie of Scoring Solutions detailing the new commercial scorecard from Orion, SAIPH™. The knowledge and expertise in technology present on the stage was vast and varied. All three gentlemen demonstrated the features, benefits and overall value of the SAIPH™ scorecard.


This year’s panel discussion, How Will The Small Business Community Respond to New Regulations?, reviewed current and upcoming government regulation on small business lending. Presenters Andy Alper (Attorney), Ralph Petta (President and CEO of the ELFA), Chris Enbom (CEO of Allegiant Partners) and Tom Sullivan (Attorney and Executive Director of the Coalition for Responsible Business Finance) did a great job using real-world examples to illustrate particular regulatory issues our industry is currently facing.


The final presentation of the forum was from US Representative for the 6th Congressional District, Derek Kilmer. The consummate statesman, Kilmer delivered great presidential stories, honest feedback and fresh perspectives.  Drawing from personal experience, Congressman Kilmer shared an update on the activity in Washington, D.C., and the value that the small business sector has in putting Americans back to work and improving our economy overall.


The business side of things came to a close as we boarded the Emerald Star for some leisurely boating through Commencement Bay and Gig Harbor. The three-hour cruise was fully-catered with a taco station and asian noodle bar flanked portside in each cabin.  Tasty food was a perfect accompaniment to the complimentary beverages everyone enjoyed, all while taking in the incredible views afforded by an evening South Sound cruise.


Day two saw more great weather as we headed to Trophy Lake Golf and Casting Club for the annual scramble. While there were certainly enough great shots throughout the day to outweigh the truly terrible drives, chips and putts–only one team came out on top. Congrats to Scott, Kevin, Curtis, Zack on adding their names to the illustrious group of individuals already on the trophy. Next year, we will be bringing in PwC to draw pairings in order to ensure impartiality during the process.


Until next year, everyone please take care…



Team Orion