Orion First is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Agility Recovery, a national leader in disaster recovery solutions. Membership with Agility provides Orion First with Agility’s unique ReadySuite solution, which ensures priority access to the four key elements of recovery including temporary power, access to Internet and telephone connectivity, computer and office equipment, and temporary office space. Agility Recovery will work with Orion to institute disaster preparedness planning and, in the event of disaster or business interruption, provide the assistance needed to continue operations.

“The implementation of a disaster recovery plan demonstrates a commitment by Orion First to ensure they are prepared for any event,” says Paul Sullivan, General Manager at Agility Recovery. “We understand that organizations must be there to serve their stakeholders – no matter the circumstances, and Agility helps make that possible,” he continued.

Agility has over 26 years of experience rescuing organizations of all types and proudly points to a 100% success rate.

“Partnering with Agility Recovery is a necessary and prudent step that makes Orion First a healthier and more secure organization,” maintains Paul Marcoe, CTO at Orion First. “We aim to provide our clients with unparalleled protection and responsiveness and a partnership with Agility reaffirms our promise to be the very best.”

Orion employees are also provided access to my Agility Family, a personal & family disaster planning tool provided free of charge to each employee that helps them become better prepared at home and more likely to be available to return to work following an event.



Agility Recovery, a former division of General Electric, is North America’s premier provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to organizations of all types. Agility provides robust and easy-to- implement recovery solutions for an affordable monthly membership fee, providing access to temporary power, office space, communications and computer systems. For more than 26 years, Agility has rescued thousands of organizations, with a 100% success rate.  For more information, visit or call 866-364- 9696.