Orion’s Commercial Collections group consistently recovers 45 percent of delinquent debt across all clients, and all asset classes, year after year. That’s performance.

You got into commercial leasing and lending to help small businesses grow and prosper, and you’re good at it. But not every deal pans out. And when the time comes to collect on debt, repossess assets, or take legal action, your only job is to minimize losses and move on. Anything that gets in the way is an obstacle.

Orion First gives you the scale, technology, and experience to recover what’s yours with better results than you can achieve on your own. Orion consistently recovers 45 percent of delinquent debt across all clients, year after year. That’s performance. And you don’t pay unless we’re successful.

Working with Orion also gives you access to our state-of-the-art analytics, such as our popular Client Portal and our Delinquency Manager. And should your volume increase, you won’t have staffing to worry about—we have a dedicated collections team ready to handle whatever comes your way. Moreover, Orion has its own repossession and remarketing team at your disposal, with experience in skip trace and skilled asset search.

Orion’s mission is to provide deeper insight, stronger portfolio results, and a highly satisfying borrower experience for small business lenders. Our new Delinquency Manager is designed to deliver actionable insights that make portfolio management easier and more effective.


Our team is ready to review your collections and special asset challenges at no cost.