The Delinquency Manager is a highly customizable dashboard that clarifies trends and meaningful factors affecting delinquency.

Simple and clear, it allows you to look at and filter data by state, originator, industry, and other criteria, so you can better understand what’s happening, and act swiftly and accurately on your insights.

  • Lower your losses by easily identifying and addressing the areas of your portfolio that aren’t meeting expectations

  • Generate higher yields by quickly adjusting pricing to reflect rapid insights on performance trends within segments of the portfolio

  • Create targeted sales efforts to capture more of the best performing subsets in your portfolio

  • Upgrade your underwriting with real-time portfolio insights that can translate into credit criteria

Orion’s mission is to provide deeper insight, stronger portfolio results, and a highly satisfying borrower experience for small business lenders. Our new Delinquency Manager is designed to deliver actionable insights that make portfolio management easier and more effective.


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