Committed to the growth of our clients, Orion First appreciates the importance of its own team development. Orion’s culture is built around empowering each employee to channel their drive and exercise his or her own judgment, care, and leadership. Our employees are continually leading our industry forward through active roles throughout the industry association's various councils and committees. We work hard to provide motivated and talented individuals an opportunity to achieve their career goals. We cultivate employees that express an earnest desire to learn and grow within the organization, filling new roles as they gain experience. We are always seeking to connect with driven individuals, because we know our growth and success is the result of talented, focused, and persistent hard work. We urge serious job candidates to review our website and follow our LinkedIn page. View and apply for open positions at Bamboo.com.



What we say: Leadership
What we do: We are leaders. Our experience and knowledge allow us to be industry innovators and a trusted source of expertise.

What we say: Integrity
What we do: We uphold ethical standards through training, enculturation, and accountability practices. We expect all team members to adhere to moral guidelines that include respect for all others and sincerity of word and action.

What we say: Preparedness
What we do: We cultivate a proactive approach to anticipate client needs and marketplace transitions. We successfully poise for growth by exercising our skills of awareness, insight, and preparation.

What we say: Commitment
What we do: We are dedicated to our clients, team members, and stockholders. We use our knowledge and expertise to provide the best solutions that benefit those we work with. We support their goals, promote their achievements, and celebrate their success.

I have been here just shy of 14 years and the people at Orion First are family. They are hardworking, honest people that support each other. The best in the industry.

Terry Wood

I have worked at Orion First for more than 10 years. Everybody here works hard but you can always hear laughter. The culture is a casual environment with an emphasis on strong leadership and staff support. Orion First values working as a team and forward thinking with current technology. We are always looking for ways to improve processes and become more efficient (making our jobs easier). My favorite parts of this job are the people I work with, a flexible schedule and the location.

Stacey Dullum


In addition to a salary that is competitive for both the industry and the region, Orion First offers the following benefits and perquisites:











  • Kavitha Arvind
    I work as a Salesforce Developer for Orion First and it has been 2 years since I joined the organization. The staff here are very friendly and are nice people to work with. The leadership team is always looking for new ideas and improvements in the process workflow. I am excited that my ideas and suggestions are always being heard and that I can be part of a group make an impact in improving the company’s day to day operations while giving me great professional satisfaction.
    Kavitha Arvind
    Salesforce Developer
  • Steven Huffman
    Going on 15 years at Orion First, I have had the pleasure of seeing Orion grow into one of the best companies in the industry. We are always striving to have an environment that facilitates the best results for our customers, clients and staff.
    Steven Huffman
    AVP Client Controller
  • Matt Jacobs
    I’ve been with Orion First for 5 years. And while I enjoy what I do, to me, it is the people you work with that make the work truly satisfying. My co-workers take pride in their work. They band together as a team to overcome challenges and are full of encouragement for each other—something I’m very grateful for. They’re also just a great group of people and it’s been my privilege to get to know some of them well enough to call them friends as well as co-workers.
    Matt Jacobs
    Senior Litigation Paralegal
  • Ericka Vasquez
    I have worked at Orion First for 2 years. Working remotely, I haven’t met all of the team members ‘in-person’, but it still feels like I’ve known them for years. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at Orion truly cares about each other and the work they provide for our customers. Management is compassionate and understanding, they listen to our ideas and implement them. The culture is amazing. I am so proud to be part of an amazing team of professionals.
    Ericka Vasquez
    Customer Service Agent


Orion First strives to be a friendly and relaxed place to come to work. We have offices situated in the beautiful communities of Gig Harbor, Washington and Tempe, Arizona.

We are a small but growing company with low turnover and a spirit of inclusion. There’s a reason many of the Orion First staff have established reputations as leaders in the industry; we’re disciplined and we work hard, but we understand balance. No job is without its stresses; we strive to minimize these with a diligent attention to employee satisfaction and a management team comprised of skilled communicators.