Orion First is the only servicer focused exclusively on small business commercial lending. Our primary goal is to allow you to focus your entrepreneurial energy on your largest value–funding small business.

As an industry leader in the small business commercial finance marketplace, Orion First is both reputable and trusted. We have the flexibility, agility and experience to provide services supporting four key elements of your business: credit underwriting, portfolio servicing, commercial collections and backup servicing.

We’ve spent the last few years developing a platform which allows for the simple integration of these services into your workflow. Leveraging technology and team in the most efficient and forward-thinking manner possible, we service your contracts, on your terms. Experiencepracticed and proficient portfolio management with Orion First.

Available exclusively to our clients through an enterprise API, is SAIPH™: a commercial scorecard, modeled specifically for small business lending decisioning. Made possible by the volume of small business loans serviced by Orion First since 2002, SAIPH provides insight into payment performance based on historical behaviors in the small business marketplace.

Grow your portfolio and optimize your efficiency with our private label, back office services. Our skilled team masterfully manages invoicing for a variety of payment schedules, cash management, customer service, collections, reporting and more. Our experience, adaptive technology platform and best practices approach provide you with unsurpassed industry performance metrics, increased profits and improved customer relationships.

There are always cases in which having a servicer backup and maintain your client and portfolio data are either required or simply a necessity. With Orion First, you have an always ready partner to oversee and manage the continuity of your portfolio.

Our collection performance continually surpasses industry reported averages. Orion First’s skilled and experienced debt recovery team will reduce losses and increase recovery.



Orion First’s commitment to serve through excellence is steadfast and attention to detail is unmatched. Let us empower your organization so you can focus your entrepreneurial energy on funding small business.