Performance is about having the right tools and the right team, at your service.

Like most lenders, TEAM Funding is great at originations but struggles with back office operations. Watch how they streamlined their systems with Orion’s help, so they could scale quickly and effectively.

Orion First offers full-service commercial loan, lease, and contract management, as well as backup servicing and commercial collection services.

As your managers of risk, every person we hire and every product we develop is aimed at fulfilling our mission: to provide deeper insight, stronger portfolio results, and a highly satisfying borrower experience for small business lenders.


Orion First offers the best portfolio servicing and support in the industry—collections included. Our technology is state-of-the-art. Our people are experienced professionals. And frankly, our performance is unrivaled. As an extension of your operations, Orion’s private-label services are designed to work. Our servicing structure increases profits, reduces workplace stress, and brightens your customer’s experience. Learn more about our commercial loan & lease servicing products and features.

We ran the data. A contract serviced by Orion First is more stable and less likely to be delinquent than a contract serviced by other servicers. More precisely, that contract is 2.6 times less likely to be delinquent. It’s not magic. It’s math.

We put together a one-page report on on our servicing performance. Please take a look.


Orion First's skilled and experienced debt recovery team serves one purpose: reduce losses and increase recovery. Learn more.


Having a secondary—or even tertiary—servicer helping to backup and maintain your data is crucial to good risk management. Orion can oversee and manage the continuity of your portfolio. Learn more.


Orion’s servicing clients have access to a powerful digital platform that includes our popular Client Portal and Customer Portal, and the optional Delinquency Manager.

Celebrating our twentieth anniversary

To commemorate this milestone, we present to you a timeline of our history