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Successful manufacturers, distributors and dealers of business equipment have the ability to offer equipment leasing solutions to their customers. Orion First can help you establish a finance program that fits your customer’s needs through one of our partners leasing companies. We also have the resources to assist you in establishing a captive lease company for your business that focuses entirely on your industry’s specialty–improving competitiveness, increasing sales and profitability.

With expansive and enticing finance options, you’ll draw-in more business, close more sales and increase profits.

 Equipment Loan and Leasing

Private-labeled Equipment Loan and Lease Programs.


Expertise in administration, servicing, and collections..

 Custom Tailored

For manufacturers, distributors and dealers the key to a successful captive finance company requires strategy you knowledge, capital, and resources dedicated to lease administration.

Orion First can help you establish a viable captive finance program suited to your specific type of business and customers. We can arrange a competitive finance program through one of our many relationships with reputable finance companies or we can help you build your own.

We have extensive equipment finance experience, access to capital, lease administration and servicing and the desire to help you succeed.